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Free Printable: Father's Day Cards

I'm so grateful for my dad. He is a father to nine, (yes nine, no we're not Catholic, and no we were not raised on some kind of compound!)

When I became a mom myself, I asked him how on earth did he put up with all of our shenanigans! Besides the obvious of having the best partner ever as my mom, he said he always tried to remember what it was like when he was a kid. To stop for a minute and see whatever situation it was though our perspective rather than to default to what 'he wanted.' 

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Free printable: Minimalist Baby Essentials Checklist

I’ve been wanting to make a minimalist-mom-must-have list since Essie was born. There is an outrageous amount of baby gear out there; and with your first babe, you can easily get overwhelmed when deciding what you need to aid the transition of a tiny human coming into your home.

I’m actually becoming a momma of two very soon. And I’m reminiscing on how much stuff we had prepped for Esther that we didn’t use, and how many things we forgot that we had actually needed!

I’m prepared now, and glad I don’t have to do that process again. But you my friend, might be in the middle of ‘First baby prep’ right now!

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Free printable: Mini-Me Mother's Day Card

There’s no way to bundle into a simple card how much praise a momma deserves. I didn’t fully appreciate what this day meant until I became a momma myself. Now when I try to say Happy Mothers Day to my mom, I just break down crying in appreciation! Well this year I tried a little bit harder to not just be a bubbling mess of tears when picking out a mothers day card, and you know what? I didn’t find anything that was quite what I was looking for. So I said heck, I’m an illustrator, let’s do this.

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Free Printable: Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

I love the origin of St Patrick’s day. Honoring a man who might have been the first to bring Christianity to an entire country is a beautiful tradition. In America the celebrating has morphed into a celebration of Irish culture. And yes, the parts of the wonderful culture we’re celebrating might run a bit on the stereotypical side, but hey, ‘we’re doing our best laddy!’ (#sorrynotsorry #imirishitsok)

Here’s how to play:

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Not-So-Secret Valentine's Day Messages

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my quest for keeping the flirt alive, and if you’re searching for a clear Valentine to shock the pants off your spouse, (literally, and pun absolutely intended!) Print one of these sexy secret messages and leave it in an easy to find spot on the 14th.

His desk at work, a lunch box, sneak it into her office the day before, or have a co-worker deliver it to them! I’d say the more public the better, (unless it’s going to get them in any HR trouble, of course.)

Everyone wants to be desired and pursued, and who doesn’t want a secret looking envelope delivered to them with a #hothubs or #hotwife label on it this Valentine’s day? Let’s get started, this one is an easy one. (That’s what she said. #sorrynotsorry)

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Free Printable: Semi-Sweet lollipop cover valentines

Love is in the air, chocolate is in abundance, and there are oh-so-many opportunities to finally tell that special someone exactly how you feel!

And by special, I’m referring to two types:

Type one is special like = your boo, your bestie, your oh-so-adorable crush.

Type two is special like = bless-your-heart-I-don’t-even-know-what-to-say-to-you-anymore.

Problem is, there are not that many Valentine’s day options that give you the chance to reach out to both ‘specials’ in one setting.

I’ve fixed that with these Semi-Sweet Lollipop covers!

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Free Printable: Focus Planner for 2019

Are you excited for the new year? I really am. Though it may seem like just a date change, it’s important to recognize these moments, and let your season be marked by the calendar change. To evaluate where you are, and where you want to be/do/change/see in order to keep growing.

My problem has been (and it seems to be the norm these days,) trying to do to many things at once. This was especially prevalent in how I used to approach my resolutions and goals for the New Year.

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Free Printable: 'Mistletoe With Me' Banner
Free Printable: Years-end-check-in

Years end is my favorite. Not only is there an abundance of excitement/coziness with all the holidays, but there’s a BRAND NEW YEAR headed our way!

With all the busy that tends to come along with holidays, we sometimes push our old year reviews/new year resolutions to the back burner.

I’m a big believer in taking time to be mindful of the year past, and using how you’ve grown as a springboard into the next year. I made myself this check-in to be intentional with my priorities, and make sure that I finish the year clear headed; leaving nothing unsaid or undone.

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Free Printable: 'Thankful For' cards

I love intentional conversation. Going to the next level beyond weather, job titles, or even family updates is my favorite.

And Thanksgiving is a time for pure, thankful hearts to gather as a family and converse sweetly around a table; so no one is going to be awkward, get drunk, or sit without anything to say right? Probably 100% wrong.

But that’s ok! Sometimes we just need a little prompt to get us all on the same level. It’s growing more and more important to see how our family and friends are truly doing. In this day of social media perfection, it’s hard to find the courage, (let alone the conversational transition) that allows you to dive deep, to open up, and really see each other in a true light.

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