Super simple Monster door - Minimalistic Halloween decor


Project time:  10 Minutes

Cost: >$10

Difficulty: Simple

Materials: Large Googly Eyes + Piece of Cardboard or Black Cardstock + Black Plastic Garbage Bag + Scotch Tape + Scissors + Command Strips

Finished product: Super simple Halloween door decor

Use ideas: Backdrop for Halloween Party, Simple Halloween Front Door Decor, Easy Halloween Classroom Door

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Making things festive has a way of drawing you into life’s little moments. You can’t help but think about the season you’re celebrating; where you were the previous year, where you are now, or where you’re hoping to be!

I’m not sure this is the craft for seasonal reflection honestly - it’s pretty quick! But hopefully it brings you some joy in it’s simplicity!


1) Cut a rectangle mouth from your cardboard. Size depends on the space you’re decorating, mine was about 12” by 6”.


3) Wrap the cardboard mouth in a black garbage bag, and tape it securely. I used a garbage bag to wrap the cardboard so it wouldn’t just wilt in Florida’s humidity. If you are planning on using this face indoors, or if you live in a state that actually has fall, you might be able to get away with using black cardstock!


4) Using your command stickies, paste the mouth and eyes to your door - and Hooray! You’ve got a super simple, super cute monster face to greet your little neighborhood tricksters!


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