Mummy Candle Holders

Project time:  30 Minutes

Cost: $3 - $5

Difficulty: Moderate

Materials: Glass Jar + Black & White Paper + Paper Mache + Scissors + Tissue Paper + Glue Gun + Black paint & Paint Brush

Finished product: Adorable textured mummy candle holder

Use ideas: Home Decor + Halloween Party Decor + Centerpiece


Who doesn't love a good seasonal tabletop? That might be the most suburban thing I've ever said, but you know what? I don't care! Because these little mummy candles make the perfect Halloween centerpiece! They are fun and easy to make, and I bet you can do this project with things already lying around your house!

You might want to grab the kiddos for this one too because it's kind of messy, and well, kids love messy so - let's get started!


1) Take this craft outside, or line your workspace with newspaper. We're working with paper mache and it gets messy! (You might even want to go outside, and still line your workspace with newspaper.) 

2) Find some glass jars, or if you want, go straight to the source and wrap your candles! (I did one of each, a larger pickle jar and a small glass candle.) 

Please keep in mind that we're wrapping candles with paper mache. So use caution when wrapping, make sure that there's room enough at the lid for the flame to not touch the paper. (Guess I’m trying to state the obvious and say be careful you don’t create a little bonfire!)


3) Grab your black paint and paint a square background where the eyes will peek through.

4) Prep your tissue paper. While the paint square is drying, cut your tissue paper strips. I used roughly 13 sheets of tissue paper, and cut the sheets into 1.5 inch wide strips. 

5) Cut your eyes from card stock. Or use big wiggle eyes, I didn't want to go to the store, so I made mine out of paper. 


6) Glue the eyes together, then onto the black square. Make sure the black paint square is dry.

7) Make your paper mache mix. (1 part flour to 1 part water, stir. Bam.)


8) Run your strips lightly through the paper mache, and wrap them around the jar. Pull the paper in between your fingers to scrape any excess back into the bowl, (think thin coats.) Repeat, repeat, and repeat until you have mummy-like bandages all around with no glass showing.


8) Let these tiny monsters sit in the sun until dried completely. Mine took a day in the Florida sun, and sat inside overnight. The paper mache dries to a textured cream/tan, really giving these guys an 'aged look' without being too overdone! 


Enjoy their adorably creepy little faces all season long!



- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your creation! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page