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Mummy Candle Holders

Who doesn't love a good seasonal tabletop? That might be the most suburban thing I've ever said, but you know what? I don't care! Because these little mummy candles make the perfect Halloween centerpiece! They are fun and easy to make, and I bet you can do this project with things already lying around your house!

You might want to grab the kiddos for this one too because it's kind of messy, and well, kids love messy so - let's get started!

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Free Printable: Monster Silhouettes

These blobs of teeth and bright eyes are a festive addition to any party, and make a cute seasonal decoration too!

I put these little guys in my front window, but get creative! You can have them peeking out from behind book shelves, cabinet doors, under the fridge, or lamps; the monster hiding possibilities are endless!

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Outside-In, Nature Garland

The time has come! The air is crisp, leafs are falling, acorns are plentiful, and there might even be a pine cone or two on the ground. But let's not forget the best part; you don't have to buy craft supplies anymore! You can collect all the free goodness the outdoors has to offer.

This little garland is a super simple favorite of mine. I don't like storing bulky decorations year after year, and since this garland is easy to dissemble, and primarily organic materials, it can easily be updated every year with new foliage!

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Free Printable: Fall to-do list

I like spontaneity as much as the next gal. But if I don't consciously make time to rest and reflect, all the little moments that come with a new season can slip right by me.

I've made a fun fall bucket list to keep me in the moment this season, and you can join me on my fall-candle-scented quest! It's a free printable, so all you have to do is download it, print it on some pretty paper, and enjoy!

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Free Printable: Paper Fall Banner 'Cozy Up Buttercup'

I'm a snuggler, I admit it. If I walk by something soft I have to reach out and touch it. The little kid in Despicable Me grabbing the unicorn and shouting 'it's so fluffy!' is me every time I walk into HomeGoods. 

So though this craft is neither fluffy nor soft, it's a festive, simple reminder that we could all use some more cuddles, blankets, and coziness! Especially when the weather calls for it. I hung this lil' cutie above mine and #hothubs bed, seemed an appropriate place.

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Birthday Party in a Box

This past week was my dear sister's birthday. Hooray! Since this dear sister lives in a different state, I decided to pack up her party and ship it to her.

I purposely kept each item minimal and generally unembellished for easy shipping and assembly on the other side. You know me, I like a good user experience. No one wants a party shipped to them that takes longer then 5 minute to set up, let's be real.

I've broken the box items out into individual how-to's (links will be below.) But I also wanted to highlight the final details of how it was put together.

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Tiny Terrarium Party

Tiny things, there's just something about them that makes my heart happy! This tiny terrarium party was a present for my sister's birthday. That's a tiny version of her and her hubs dancing. She also shares my border-line obsession with tiny things, and I know we're not alone! (You're reading this post aren't you?!) So let me break it down so you can get your own (tiny) party started!

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Free Printable: Birthday Card

We've all had that moment. You were 3, they were 5. You had to listen to them because they were older and wiser, obviously. The budding hairstylist that came at you with scissors (Fiskars probably), promising that "mom will never notice!" Well mom DID notice, and my bangs have grown funny ever since.

Regardless! We still love and appreciate our sisters, (or friends) even if they did make us strikingly similar to a Tonsure monk. 

So give them some birthday love with this adorable free card! You know, to show them you've moved on (mostly, anyway.)

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Super Simple Rainbow Chain

The paper chain, minimal work for great aesthetic payoff! I made this adorable rainbow themed chain for my baby girl's first birthday.

Instead of paper, I used pre-cut cardstock. I liked building with this for a few reasons:

  • It's pre-cut in perfect size strips (Time saver!)

  • It's textured - for added visual detail

  • It's double sided - so the chain is aesthetically pleasing from all sides

  • It's heavier - making it more of a fixture rather than a flimsy paper chain. (Great for outdoor parties!)

  • It handles staples really well (super quick assembly.)

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