Tiny Terrarium Party

Project time: 20 - 30 minutes

Cost: $9-$15

Difficulty: Moderate 

Materials: Tiny Glass Bottle With Lid + Tiny People + Pretty Paper + Glue Gun + String + Tweezers + Foliage  

Finished product: A Tiny Party in a Terrarium 

Use ideas: Birthday Present + Wedding Decor +  Anniversary + Boyfriend/Girlfriend Gift 


Tiny things, there's just something about them that makes my heart happy! This tiny terrarium party was a present for my sister's birthday. That's a tiny version of her and her hubs dancing. She also shares my border-line obsession with tiny things, and I know we're not alone (You're reading this post aren't you?!) So let me break it down so you can get your own (tiny) party started!


1) Gather your supplies and stage your party

I chose to create a tiny string of paper bunting, and have my characters dancing under the "trees". Feel free to set your own stage. Maybe a picnic, (think tiny felt blanket!) Or the beach (fill the bottom with sand). It's a scenic world, get creative!


2) Build your pieces

Tiny Paper Bunting: Fold a piece of pretty paper about a 1/4 over, and cut some triangles. You want the folded seam on the base of the triangle, you should be able to make a diamond by opening the triangle. This is so you can easily swing them over the rope and glue the front and back together.


Cut a 2.5" piece of string (give or take depending on your bottle size), swing the triangles over the rope, and glue the fronts and backs together. I used my glue gun for this, but any glue will work! Trim off any dried excess glue. Don't do like I did and burn yourself pressing them together, (darn you, cute tiny bunting!)


Greenery: I cut a piece off a decorative wreath in my room. You can do the same, (though not from my wreath, sorry) or substitute moss, dried plants, real live plants, etc!


Floor/ bottom of the bottle: Using a pen, draw a circle around the bottom of the glass terrarium. Cut this circle out. I purposely kept my circumference a bit larger then the inside of the bottle so it would rise a little on the sides, creating some depth.


Tiny People: The best part! I bought this multi-pack of tiny people and chose the two that looked most like my sis and her hubs for the 'dancers'. I glued them together before putting them in the bottle so they would be a bit more sturdy standing up.

There are a LOT of tiny peeps out there, have fun with this! Example, here are some really cute beach goers . Etsy has a lot of custom people as well, or if you're super artsy, you can paint your own!


3) Perform Surgery (aka, put the tiny items in the tinier bottle)

I started by putting my floor circle in the base. I rolled it in half'ish to get through the lid and used tweezers to squish it to the bottom of the bottle.

Then I grabbed my tweezers, dotted the feet of my dancers with glue, and ever so delicately stuck them to the base. Easy.

Just kidding. Placing them was actually a mess. They smeared their way to the base eventually, but I had to pick off an embarrassingly large amount of glue from the inside of the bottle! But hey, they made it.


I then tied the bunting to the greenery, leaving one end loose, wrapping that around the tiny people. The sprig was large enough that I didn't feel I needed to glue it down to stay in place.


I put the cap back on that puppy and boom. Tiny party forever.


- Keep your scene simple. Try to have one focal point. Mine was the dancers. The other items in the terrarium should be subtle enough to compliment the focal point.

- Remember: You can use Hobby Lobby's always running 40% off coupon a full price item to keep supply costs down. I used mine on the tiny people.

- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your creation! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page