Petite Scallop Banner

Project time: 10-15 Minutes

Cost: $5-$7

Difficulty: Simple

Materials: Pretty Paper + Printer + String + Hole Punch + Scissors

Finished product: Apx. 5' Paper Scallop Bunting

Use ideas: Birthdays + Baby Showers + Holidays + Party in a Box + Office Wall + Nursery Decor + Bedrooms + Picnics


This petite cutie adds the perfect detailed touch to any party. It's simple to put together, with endless uses! 


1) Print the free scallop pattern I made just for you


2) Choose some pretty paper. I used this 'Blush' pack from Hobby Lobby


3) Cut out the scallop pattern, choose from large or small (or get creative and mix both!)

4) Use the pattern to cut consistent size scallops from the paper. I used nine, small.

5) Use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of each scallop. There is an X at the top of the scallop pattern, you use the X as a guide for consistent hole placement.


5) Cut apx 5' feet of string. Tie a loop knot on both ends. I used some from this multi-pack of hemp string.

6) String the scallops together, pushing the string over the top of the paper (left to right) so the string shows. The rope adds extra visual texture!


Ta-da! You're done. Enjoy this little beauty in a birthday box, date night decoration, fire escape picnic, your room, or anywhere really!


- Using a paper book is a quick and easy way to get consistent colors and patterns without spending too much time in the scrapbook isle! I used this 'Blush' pack from Hobby Lobby Remember: You can use Hobby Lobby's always running 40% off coupon a full price item to keep paper costs down.

- Using an odd number of scallops is more visually interesting then an even number. Why is this? Learn more about the rule of thirds here.

- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your creation! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page