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Macrame and Tin Hanging Lanterns

And babe, don't you know it's a pity
That the days can't be like the nights
In the summer, in the city
In the summer, in the city

I love those lyrics, and didn’t fully understand them until I lived my first NYC Summer. City Summers are what tricks you into staying another long winter! Rooftop parties, outdoor concerts, all day park picnics, sidewalk brunch, beer garden afternoons, and of course; late night pondering on the fire escape. One of the best things about city Summer nights are the variety of lights always giving a romantic, atmospheric backdrop for whatever you’re up to! Whether it’s the skyline, streetlights, cafe lights, or windows, there’s always some cozy atmosphere shining graciously for you.

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Free Printable: Simple Bunny Puppet Pattern

This little guy is a part of my kiddos clutter free Easter basket this year. It’s her “one new toy” and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I can’t wait to see her find him easter morning.

It does involve sewing, but it was overall easy to make! Here’s how:

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Minimalistic Easter Tree

Hooray for Easter! Hooray for the victory Jesus won, the world exploding in pastels, and of course freshening up the house with some sweet, spring decor!

The first time I saw an Easter tree it was at my piano teachers house. It was a vintage white wire tree, with little painted eggs, wooden bunnies, and little crosses. I used to stare at that tree while I waited for my sister to finish her lesson and pretend I was shrunk down and climbing it with all the bunnies and eggs around me.

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Fresh Clover Cans

I love fresh greens in my home! Placing Spring centerpieces and foliage around my house after the heavy cozy of winter is one of my favorite things.

Unfortunately, I’m also a minimalist. And I don’t like storing something I only use once a year. I particularly hate storing fake foliage. I don’t know why exactly but it makes me agitated to see fake plants/garlands/or wreaths in a box. (Anyone else have this problem? Anyone?) Well anyway! I’ve found a solution in these adorable fresh growing clover cans! They are simple and quick, and you can definitely bring in the littles help for this one.

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Free Printable: Minimal Advent Calendar

IT IS HERE! I’m proudly one of those annoying Christmas people. When I was 10 I wrapped everything in my room in wrapping paper, it was a new Christmas decorating thing I was trying. Kind of crazy? Yes. Equally awesome? Double yes.

The thing I like most about Christmas, (besides Jesus coming to save the world, obviously.) is the general feeling of unity among mankind. The year is coming to an end, and no matter what different things we’ve individually been through, for a few fleeting moments, we’re all in it together. Cheesy maybe, but it makes the world feel small and cozy.

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Neutral Fall Garland - Free Fall Leaves Pattern

Is there anything better then fall? It's such a romantic transition before years end. One of my favorite things to do during this season is bring the outside in! Windows open, collecting all the wonderful fall textures, pinecones, pumpkins, and of course - leaves! Since Florida currently does not have any fall leaves for me, I've created my own! This free leaf printable can be used for many different crafts, but I've started with a neutral colored, lush, leaf garland.  

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Birthday Party in a Box

This past week was my dear sister's birthday. Hooray! Since this dear sister lives in a different state, I decided to pack up her party and ship it to her.

I purposely kept each item minimal and generally unembellished for easy shipping and assembly on the other side. You know me, I like a good user experience. No one wants a party shipped to them that takes longer then 5 minute to set up, let's be real.

I've broken the box items out into individual how-to's (links will be below.) But I also wanted to highlight the final details of how it was put together.

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Tiny Terrarium Party

Tiny things, there's just something about them that makes my heart happy! This tiny terrarium party was a present for my sister's birthday. That's a tiny version of her and her hubs dancing. She also shares my border-line obsession with tiny things, and I know we're not alone! (You're reading this post aren't you?!) So let me break it down so you can get your own (tiny) party started!

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