Fresh Clover Cans


Project time:  20 Minutes

Cost: $10+

Difficulty: Simple

Materials: Clover Seeds + Creative Container of your choice + Potting Soil + Craft Paint & Brushes

Finished product: Fresh Clover Cans

Use ideas: Fresh Spring Decor, Feature point for a St Patty’s party tabletop, St Patty’s or Spring Party Photo Booth Prop, Spring Centerpiece

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I love fresh greens in my home! Placing Spring centerpieces and foliage around my house after the heavy cozy of winter is one of my favorite things.

Unfortunately, I’m also a minimalist. And I don’t like storing something I only use once a year. I particularly hate storing fake foliage. I don’t know why exactly but it makes me agitated to see fake plants/garlands/or wreaths in a box. (Anyone else have this problem? Anyone?) Well anyway! I’ve found a solution in these adorable fresh growing clover cans! They are simple and quick, and you can definitely bring in the little’s help for this one.

1) Find a cute, fresh container for a pot. I chose three tin cans because I love the simple look of metal tin and fresh greens. Also, old soup cans = free = win/win!


2) Decorate your container. (Or don’t - I thought I would, but I ended up liking the plain tin.)


4) Place some drainage holes, or be sure your pot has proper drainage.

4) Fill your container with potting soil, and sprinkle in the seeds. Esther and I had the most fun filling the cans with potting soil, obviously. I did a thin layer of seeds across the top of each can. This is absolutely overkill for the container size, but hey - #notimeforbaldpatches.

Side note: when covering your clover seeds, do not plant them deeply. A light sprinkling of soil over the top is all they need - and by light I mean less then 1/4 inch under the soil. I had seeds still peeking through the dirt and called it a day. (See pictures for example.) Keep these little guys in super high sun while they are growing, and make sure the soil stays watered.


Mine sprouted in three days and are continuing to grow! I used these awesome non-gmo seeds from David’s Garden.

And there you have it! Fresh spring foliage in a can, what else do you need?



- If you’re looking for a fun starter kit for craft paints, I love this set from Apple Barrel.

- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your result! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page