Free Printable: Shamrock Scavenger Hunt


Project time:  20 Minutes

Cost: Around $5

Difficulty: Simple

Materials: Free Shamrock & Coins Scavenger Hunt Printable + Scissors + Printer + Cardstock + Chocolate Coin Prizes

Finished product: Adorable scavenger hunt for St. Patty’s Day

Use ideas: Perfect low-key, no mess activity to keep kiddos busy on St Patty’s Day. Fun for classrooms, or even your grown-up friend groups!

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I love the origin of St Patrick’s day. Honoring a man who might have been the first to bring Christianity to an entire country is a beautiful tradition. In America the celebrating has morphed into a celebration of Irish culture. And yes, the parts of the wonderful culture we’re celebrating might run a bit on the stereotypical side, but hey, ‘we’re doing our best laddy!’ (#sorrynotsorry #imirishitsok)

Here’s how to play:

1) Print one printable for each person participating. (Each PDF has three sheets - Four leaf clovers, gold coins, and the pieces placemat.) There’s a handy line on the placemat to write your name so boards don’t get mixed up - and tantrums are hopefully avoided! I used a different color paper for each piece. The ink of the PDF is a dark gray, so you should be ok printing on any color as long as it’s relatively light.


2) Cut out the pieces, and hide everyone’s pieces together throughout a room, or for older kids/adults around the house.


3) As you find a piece, go back and lay it down on your placemat, before grabbing another piece. Two reasons for this, it helps you keep track of how much you have left to find, (so you’re not over-grabbing pieces.) And it also stretches the game out a bit by having to put each piece on the placemat before searching for more. (The mad dash to get back to the placemat is also bound to be good entertainment!)

4) First person to find and place all their pieces wins chocolate coins! (Everyone should eventually finish, so everyone should be munching chocolate coins at some point!)


- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your result! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page