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Free Printable: 'Thankful For' cards

I love intentional conversation. Going to the next level beyond weather, job titles, or even family updates is my favorite.

And Thanksgiving is a time for pure, thankful hearts to gather as a family and converse sweetly around a table; so no one is going to be awkward, get drunk, or sit without anything to say right? Probably 100% wrong.

But that’s ok! Sometimes we just need a little prompt to get us all on the same level. It’s growing more and more important to see how our family and friends are truly doing. In this day of social media perfection, it’s hard to find the courage, (let alone the conversational transition) that allows you to dive deep, to open up, and really see each other in a true light.

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Free Printable: 'Thankful' Banner

This simple, ombre 'Thankful Banner' is the perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving Dinner, Friendsgiving, or just to hang around and remind you of what's important when things get 'cooking' this season. (See what I did there?)

Let’s get started, I don’t want to waste your ‘thyme’. XD (Ps. the cooking jokes are not going to stop. #sorrynotsorry)

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Outside-In, Nature Garland

The time has come! The air is crisp, leafs are falling, acorns are plentiful, and there might even be a pine cone or two on the ground. But let's not forget the best part; you don't have to buy craft supplies anymore! You can collect all the free goodness the outdoors has to offer.

This little garland is a super simple favorite of mine. I don't like storing bulky decorations year after year, and since this garland is easy to dissemble, and primarily organic materials, it can easily be updated every year with new foliage!

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Neutral Fall Garland - Free Fall Leaves Pattern

Is there anything better then fall? It's such a romantic transition before years end. One of my favorite things to do during this season is bring the outside in! Windows open, collecting all the wonderful fall textures, pinecones, pumpkins, and of course - leaves! Since Florida currently does not have any fall leaves for me, I've created my own! This free leaf printable can be used for many different crafts, but I've started with a neutral colored, lush, leaf garland.  

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