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Free Printable: Years-end-check-in

Years end is my favorite. Not only is there an abundance of excitement/coziness with all the holidays, but there’s a BRAND NEW YEAR headed our way!

With all the busy that tends to come along with holidays, we sometimes push our old year reviews/new year resolutions to the back burner.

I’m a big believer in taking time to be mindful of the year past, and using how you’ve grown as a springboard into the next year. I made myself this check-in to be intentional with my priorities, and make sure that I finish the year clear headed; leaving nothing unsaid or undone.

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Free Printable: 'Thankful For' cards

I love intentional conversation. Going to the next level beyond weather, job titles, or even family updates is my favorite.

And Thanksgiving is a time for pure, thankful hearts to gather as a family and converse sweetly around a table; so no one is going to be awkward, get drunk, or sit without anything to say right? Probably 100% wrong.

But that’s ok! Sometimes we just need a little prompt to get us all on the same level. It’s growing more and more important to see how our family and friends are truly doing. In this day of social media perfection, it’s hard to find the courage, (let alone the conversational transition) that allows you to dive deep, to open up, and really see each other in a true light.

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Free Printable: 'Thankful' Banner

This simple, ombre 'Thankful Banner' is the perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving Dinner, Friendsgiving, or just to hang around and remind you of what's important when things get 'cooking' this season. (See what I did there?)

Let’s get started, I don’t want to waste your ‘thyme’. XD (Ps. the cooking jokes are not going to stop. #sorrynotsorry)

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