Outside-In, Nature Garland

Project time:  30 Minutes

Cost: $3 - $5

Difficulty: Moderate

Materials: Outdoor Foliage + Scissors + String + Glue Gun

Finished product: Minimalistic garland showcasing nature elements of fall

Use ideas: Home decor + Photo prop + Backdrop + Wreath + Bedroom Decor + Thanksgiving Decor


The time has come! The air is crisp, leafs are falling, acorns are plentiful, and there might even be a pine cone or two on the ground. But let's not forget the best part; you don't have to buy craft supplies anymore! You can collect all the free goodness the outdoors has to offer.

This little garland is a super simple favorite of mine. I don't like storing bulky decorations year after year, and since this garland is easy to dissemble, and primarily organic materials, it can easily be updated every year with new foliage!



1) Forage for your supplies

This is the best part! Grab your hiking boots and cute collecting jars, (or in my case, bare-feet and a plastic target bag.) When you're out in the yard, or walking in the park, snag your fall favorites to bring inside!

I grabbed some acorns that were still on the branch, a few pine cones, twigs, and added some wooden beads for spacers. I would have loved to use actual colorful leaves, but again, Florida is a little short on fall foliage. So I grabbed this orange and red bunch from ye' old Hobby Lobby. Be sure to de-bug your foliage as well, I've added some links in the notes for help with this process!


2) Prep your elements.

I took the flowers off the stems and hot glued my sticks together beforehand so they would be easier to wrap with the string.

3) Lay out a pattern for your garland. 

I loosely did: beads, twigs, flowers, beads acorns, pinecone.


4) Prep your string.

- Cut your string to the desired length. I used approximately 5' of regular twine. 

- Tie a loop on one end

- If you are stringing anything (beads, buttons, etc.) do yourself a favor and tape the end of your twine. It keeps the end nice and tight instead of becoming a hot mess. 


5) Start stringing, wrapping, and glueing your elements to the string. 

I didn't use much glue for this, most of my elements were large enough to wrap with the string. Be sure to start at the end with the loop and work backwards. You want to keep the end with the tape open until you've strung everything. Then you can take the tape off and finish the garland by tying one more loop.

And that’s it! I paired this bright little garland with my free cozy up buttercup printable.



- Be sure to de-bug your foliage! Here is a helpful link for baking acorns, and here is a helpful link for baking pinecones.

- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your creation! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page