Free Printable: Paper Fall Banner 'Cozy Up Buttercup'

Project time:  15 Minutes

Cost: $3-$5

Difficulty: Simple 

Materials: Free Cozy up printable + Scissors + Pretty Paper + Craft Stick + Hole Punch

Finished product: Super Simple Fall Banner

Use ideas: Backdrop + Wall Decoration + Wreath + Bedroom Decor


I'm a snuggler, I admit it. If I walk by something soft I have to reach out and touch it. The little kid in Despicable Me that grabs the unicorn and shouts "it's so fluffy!" is me every time I walk into HomeGoods. 

So though this craft is neither fluffy nor soft, it's a festive reminder that we could all use some more cuddles and coziness! Especially when the weather calls for it. I hung this lil' cutie above mine and #hothubs bed, seemed an appropriate place.


1) Print out the free banner printable on some pretty paper. (8.5 x 11, just a regular paper size) I used a buttery yellow paper since I knew I was going to hang a more vibrant garland with the banner, this is so it didn't become too visually overwhelming.


2) Cut out the banner with scissors. Using the handy dotted line provided on the printable.

3) Punch two holes on the top. Punch on the little x's on the pattern for consistent hole placement. 


4) Push your craft stick through the two holes. You can place the stick behind the banner if you want it to curve backwards slightly, if you want the stick showing on the front, the paper will curve slightly forward. I placed mine in the back, not showing on the front of the banner.


5) Cut approximately 2 feet of string and tie a knot on the open left end of the stick, and the open right end. This should create a loop at the top to hang the banner. I added a second small loop (optional) at the top to give just a little more detail to the string.

Ta da! Free coziness for your home. 


- I ended up using a thicker twine for my final banner, I used regular twine on my garland, and wanted to keep my string consistent. 

- Feel free to jazz-up this banner! You can use wooden beads on the string, glue colorful buttons to the banner itself, or use other fall foliage on the sticks. I purposely kept it at it's simplest, because I hung it with a busy garland. 

- As always, if you try this project I'd love to see your creation! Please share a pic and tag us on instagram, @somanyhoorays #naileditsomanyhoorays or on the So Many Hoorays facebook page