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Not-So-Secret Valentine's Day Messages

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my quest for keeping the flirt alive, and if you’re searching for a clear Valentine to shock the pants off your spouse, (literally, and pun absolutely intended!) Print one of these sexy secret messages and leave it in an easy to find spot on the 14th.

His desk at work, a lunch box, sneak it into her office the day before, or have a co-worker deliver it to them! I’d say the more public the better, (unless it’s going to get them in any HR trouble, of course.)

Everyone wants to be desired and pursued, and who doesn’t want a secret looking envelope delivered to them with a #hothubs or #hotwife label on it this Valentine’s day? Let’s get started, this one is an easy one. (That’s what she said. #sorrynotsorry)

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Free Printable: Semi-Sweet lollipop cover valentines

Love is in the air, chocolate is in abundance, and there are oh-so-many opportunities to finally tell that special someone exactly how you feel!

And by special, I’m referring to two types:

Type one is special like = your boo, your bestie, your oh-so-adorable crush.

Type two is special like = bless-your-heart-I-don’t-even-know-what-to-say-to-you-anymore.

Problem is, there are not that many Valentine’s day options that give you the chance to reach out to both ‘specials’ in one setting.

I’ve fixed that with these Semi-Sweet Lollipop covers!

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