Free printable: Mini-Me Mother's Day Card


Project time:  20 Minutes

Cost: <$5

Difficulty: Simple

Materials: Free Mother’s Day Card Printable + Heavy White Cardstock + 1/16th Hole Punch + Gold Brads + Printer + Scissors

Finished product: Adorable ‘Custom’ Mother’s Day Card!

Use ideas: Mother’s Day Gift, Mother’s Day Decor

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There’s no way to bundle into a simple card how much praise a momma deserves. I didn’t fully appreciate what this day meant until I became a momma myself. Now when I try to say Happy Mothers Day to my mom, I just break down crying in appreciation! Well this year I tried a little bit harder to not just be a bubbling mess of tears when picking out a mothers day card, and you know what? I didn’t find anything that fit what I was looking for. So I said heck, I’m an illustrator, and made this card.

This little card can say what words can’t. (Although the text portion isn’t too bad, if I do say so myself!) It’s a mini-me look alike, with expandable arms, made to be giving momma a hug. There are three different complexions, and each complexion has five different hair colors - so pick the one that looks most like you, print it up, and let your mom know what she means to you this Mother’s Day with a mini-you giving a forever hug!

Here’s how:

1) Print the mini-me that most resembles your complexion and hair color. Note: You will want to use the back of the same paper to print the inside of the card message on as well, so only print one page at a time!


2) Once you have both the back and front printed, fold the card in half and trim off the three edges on the dotted line.


3) Cut out the arms and hole punch on the X.


4) Take two brads, and pushing them through the arms, attach them to the X marks on the front of the card.


The arms should be able to move back and forth into a hug easily, and hooray! You now have a free custom Mother’s Day Card, made with love just for your momma.



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