Free Printable: Father's Day Cards


Project time:  20 Minutes

Cost: <$5

Difficulty: Simple

Materials: Free Father’s Day Card Printable + Heavy White Cardstock + Printer + A2 Envelope

Finished product: Super Simple Foldable Father’s Day Cards

Use ideas: Father’s Day cards for your Pop, Husband, and even cards from the kiddos!

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I know that Father's day can bring mixed emotions. For those who's dad's are 'less than fatherly,' I don't want to breeze over that hurt. But this month I do want to honor those who exemplify a tiny bit of how our Heavenly Father loves us! 

I'm so grateful for my dad. He is a father to nine, (yes nine, no we're not Catholic, and no we were not raised on some kind of compound!)

When I became a mom myself, I asked him how on earth did he put up with all of our shenanigans! Besides the obvious of having the best partner ever as my mom, he said he always tried to remember what it was like when he was a kid. To stop for a minute and see whatever situation it was though our perspective rather than to default to what 'he wanted.' 

My life has been so positively impacted by this extension of empathy, and I try to apply it with my own wee kiddos. Even though it takes a minute to not just 'react' I've experienced the importance of seeing things though my daughter's eyes. I grew up feeling heard, and knowing that what I had to say, or do was just as important as everyone around me. 

Also as a result of my pop's example, I've found an amazing, brilliant, respectful husband that also truly 'sees and hears' my daughters, and myself! 

So here's some cards for the dads in your life that have some honor due! They are supposed to be funny, so you have to add the gratitude/honor part yourself.

Here’s how:


1) Download and print your free foldable card choice here.  

I've made three options: 

- A card for your dad

- A card for a husband

- A customizable card for your husband from your kids - (Note: This card has a few title options - poppa, dad, and daddy - be sure to specify which page when you print!)


2) Fold the card in fourths, and find a fun envelope to match. It will fit in any standard A2 Envelope (4 3/8 x 5 3/4).


Happy Father's day all you dads and poppas! 


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