Simple Christmas - Home Tour 2018

I’m so excited to show you my place guys. This is my first Christmas home tour, hopefully in a few years I’ll look back and laugh at my poor lighting and iphone photos. BUT for now, come on in, and get cozy.

Beginning at the door, I kept it simple with a large handmade grapevine wreath: featuring natural moss, (not natural) tiny deer, and a large brass bell. Splashed a little bit of white paint here and there and it almost looks like snow. Almost.


Over to the left is a simple printable.

Onward! We’ve got an open kitchen/dining/living space. I used a lot of branches this year. Garlands, in vases, hanging on doors. They are everywhere.

Over the window I made an all natural garland using dried orange slices, rosemary, cinnamon, and cedar pine branches. Yes, it smells amazing!

Some of my favorites on the tree include these sweet, vintage wooden ornaments. Am I the only one that thinks ornaments should have been made like this forever and always?

For our ‘dining room’ I hung some more cedar and simple natural beads in a garland over the mirror, and set up my nativity on the table. I like the simplicity of the tray right on the table without a cloth.

Stockings are hung on the bookshelf with care, because this is Florida and most houses don’t have a ton of fireplaces, for obvious reasons.

My few kitchen decorations. I love my little Santa candle! I never could understand people who actually lit these sweet vintage candles! Could you imagine how traumatizing he would look melting?

A simple little banner and some white lights in the bedroom.

And probably my favorite room in the house, my Esther kiddo’s winter wonderland! Paper chains, snowflakes, and cotton ball snow give it a playful, whimsical look.

And that’s all for now folks. I’d love to hear which decorations you’d like to know how to make! Just let me know in the comments, and have the merriest Christmas!