Hooray, you're here!

Have you ever said the phrase “I’m just not that creative?” Or maybe you’re on the other side of the spectrum asking, “do these balloons come in Coquelicot?” If you’ve said either, you’re in the right place!  

I like to remember that we’re real humans on the other side of the interwebs, so firstly: I’d like to genuinely welcome you to So Many Hoorays! *Imagine me putting a blanket around your shoulders and offering you cocoa.* Oh it’s summer? *hands you glass of chilled rosé, and quickly stuffs blanket out of sight.*



My goal is to encourage you to embrace your creativity with practical party inspiration, DIY projects, and oh' so many crafts! 

I love how human beings are innately creative. It’s not something we pick and choose. Creativity just sits differently on each person. It might look like slaying a DIY project with ease, or it might look like an Amazon delivery. And that’s perfect. Your creativity is perfect. You my dear, are perfect. (Getting the picture?)

This is our space. To be creative/craft/learn/and enjoy things. I’m a huge believer in letting people enjoy things. Truly. Free from judgment (and snickering.)



I’m Em van den Heever. Mom to an awesome Esther, and wife to an awesome Ben. 

Fun Facts:

I’m a Graphic designer on paper, a User Experience designer in real life, and crafter/maker by a hurricane-gale-force-of-nature.

I lived and loved the NYC life for 7 years - and I'm currently camped in Orlando, FL. 

I'm the leader of the folky bunch Sea/Fire and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Biltong

I'm never going to stop ruining my clothing while painting.

I embrace a minimalist lifestyle which (hopefully) carries over into this blog! I'm going for an indie take on making hooray’s happen -  it’s not all DIY, but most of it does involve paper and scissors.



There are many reasons to say Hooray! So many, in fact. (See what I did there?) One being - my email community! I’d like to invite you to join.

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And again, thanks so much for being here. I can't wait to create with you!